“Discover All The Crucial Facts You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sprinter RV.”

Frustrated With Big, Heavy, Gas-Guzzling RVs?

Do you love the freedom of RVing, but hate how your RV is just too big to park anywhere, or maneuver around town?

A Mercedes Sprinter RV is fuel-efficient, powerful, and compact, with all the comforts of a big RV, yet it drives like a luxury car. I’ve written a 200-page e-book to help you find the ideal Sprinter RV for you: the 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide.

What do people say about my book?

“What a great job you have done on the RV Buyer’s Guide! Well organized, great photos, and you’re right– the Guide will save me many hours of research…”
Cecil U – Boston, MA

“Your e-book is everything we needed and more to educate and inform us on the various RV options, specifications, accessories, layouts available and feel very comfortable in making our decision…”
Michael Baker – Vancouver, Canada

2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide

2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide – US $29.95
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Here’s some sample pages from this e-book. Click on the images to see them full-size:

2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide sample page 32013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide sample page 2


Driving a Big RV Could Be Eating Up All The Money You Thought You Were Saving

If you’re like me, you enjoy RVing because of the freedom it gives you. You can go anywhere,  stay there in comfort, and not have to worry about the cost or hassle of finding a hotel room. And who needs a hotel room when you can open your front door and be outside in a beautiful place? But lately RVing has gotten less convenient, and a whole lot more costly. The price of fuel is around US$4 a gallon, and that can eat a hole in your wallet as big as the Grand Canyon.

If you are driving a big diesel motorhome and your fuel economy is only 8-14 miles per gallon, you’re burning a lot of fuel (and a lot of hard-earned dollars!) just to get to your destination, and you’ll have precious little to spend when you get to where you’re going. Besides, a big RV may have all the comforts of home, but it probably handles as well as putting your home on top of a dinghy and trying to sail it across some rough seas. Many large RVs are just so heavy, they bounce and wallow their way over every bump in the highway, and you emerge looking like you haven’t slept in days after a few hours of white-knuckle  driving in high winds or over average state highways. Do you want a smaller RV that gets great mileage and handles well? One that’s not so small you can’t fit what you need to be comfortable, but one that gets great gas mileage and power, and is easily maneuvered into small campsites and on back roads?

The Solution: A Mercedes Sprinter RV

The best answer to the problem of the giant motorhome is a Mercedes Sprinter-based RV. A Mercedes Sprinter RV can get  16-20 mpg, has great power on the highway and even at high altitudes, thanks to the very flat power curve of its 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel engine, and it’s compact enough to take you onto wilderness roads and camping spots other RVs can’t go. All this, plus the creature comforts of its bigger RV cousins! 2013 LTV Serenity Sprinter RV
If you’ve looked around at RVs, you’ll realize that something like 90% of the class B RVs sold in North America today are on the Sprinter chassis, so there’s lots to choose from. And they’re not cheap either! So it’s really important for you to find out which Sprinter RVs really suit your needs the best – not just because you need to sleep 2 or 4 people, but because you want lots of light, lots of storage space, or perhaps the sleekest designs that are compact, but still offer some luxury. So which is the best-built Sprinter RV, you ask? The 2013 RoadTrek Agile or Adventurous? Maybe the Pleasure-Way Plateau, Airstream Interstate, or Winnebago View? Or perhaps Fleetwood’s Class C Sprinters like the Jamboree Sport DSL or Tioga DSL, or the Coachmen Prism? So many choices! Wouldn’t you like to know what all these models are REALLY like, rather than just what the salesman tells you? There are some RV buyer’s guides out there that include Sprinter-based RV models. But typically, the “details” are hardly useful – you can find one black-and-white exterior photo, maybe an additional photo of the inside, but very few detailed specifications, and no idea of the whole range of RV floor plans that might be offered by the manufacturer. And perhaps the biggest problem – these buyer’s guides leave out any information from REAL buyers, people who’ve owned and driven their own Sprinter RVs. Wouldn’t you rather find out the truth about whether an RV is built well from someone who’s traveled thousands of miles in it, and can tell you in detail about its advantages and drawbacks?

The 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide – Where You Can Find Out the Secrets Dealers Won’t Tell You

I created the Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide because there wasn’t an RV buyer’s guide that really gave you everything you need to know when considering a large purchase like a Sprinter RV. My goal was to give Mercedes Sprinter RV buyers the “low-down” on all the popular North American 2013 Sprinter RV models: not just what the salesmen and dealerships want you to hear, but the real-world experiences of Sprinter RV owners, and all their opinions on reliability, mileage, build quality, etc. of various Sprinter RVs. Want to know what Winnebago did wrong with the Via, and has just now fixed? Want the scoop on a major problem that a number of Forest River Solera owners have had? Those are both described, along with many more gems you’d need to be a Sprinter RV owner to know…

I’ve organized this guide so you can make an “apples to apples” comparison of all the class B and class C Sprinter RVs available: I’ve standardized the photo layouts and the specifications so you can compare easily. I have put extra care into double-checking the specs against the latest details from the manufacturers, and even included key details that some may not want you to know about, like all the relevant NHTSA recalls for each model of Sprinter motorhome.

2013 Forest River SoleraThe best place to look for answers on all the 2013 Sprinter RVs – the 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide. This 200-page e-book has up-to-the-minute answers to every question you’re thinking of, including details on:

  • The three types of Sprinter RV chassis (page 8)
  • Eight important details to know about the Sprinter’s engine (page 9)
    Exterior and interior photos for 38 of the most popular Sprinter RV models
  • The most important motorhome weight specification defined and explained, along with 9 other weight specification details you should know when choosing an RV (pages 10-11)
  • An explanation of sidewall construction, roofing types and insulation materials used in Sprinter motorhomes, including possible problems and features to look for (pages 11-13)
  • All the best 2013 models of North American Class B and Class C Sprinter RVs, including full-color exterior and interior photos, specifications, and available 2013 floor plans
  • The 5 most important features you need for winter/cold climate use (pages 12-13)
  • Updated, accurate specifications: 39 types of details for each of the 38 2013 models, including access to an online spreadsheet comparing all models on one page!
  • Real-world comments from real Sprinter RV owners on what are the best and worst features of the last few years of each model of Sprinter RV
  • Links to video walkthroughs, factory tour/factory construction videos, and the latest brochures for each model
  • All NHTSA recalls/common consumer issues with each model of Sprinter RV conversion
  • Brief company histories, to let you know about each manufacturer’s experience and financial situation, a major concern when you’re thinking about warranty support down the road!

The Most Complete Source of Details on Every Major North American Sprinter RV

What models are covered, you ask? Details for all the following 2013 North American Sprinter RVs:

  • Airstream Interstate
  • Coach House Platinum II Series 240 and Platinum II Series 241XL
  • Coachmen Prism LE
  • Fleetwood Jamboree DSL, Jamboree Sport DSL, Tioga DSL and Tioga Ranger DSL
  • Forest River Solera
  • Great West Vans Sprinter Legend, Legend EX and Legend SE
  • Leisure Travel Vans Free Spirit, Free Spirit SS, Serenity, and Unity
  • Pleasure-Way Plateau MP, RB, TS, and TD
  • RoadTrek SS Agile and RS Adventurous
  • SafariCondo L-Series (LC, LX, LDX, LSX) and XL-Series (XL Plus and XLT) Sprinters
  • Thor Motor Coach Siesta Sprinter and Chateau Citation Sprinter
  • Winnebago Era 70A and 70X
  • Winnebago Navion and Navion iQ
  • Winnebago Via/Itasca Reyo
  • Winnebago View and View Profile

There are plenty of different kinds of Sprinter RVs to choose from – and I hope that the time and energy I put into the 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide will help anyone who is interested in making an educated choice when buying their own dream Sprinter RV. 2013 Winnebago Via Sprinter RV

An RV is an expensive purchase – don’t make a costly mistake buying the wrong Sprinter RV for you, just because a dealer assured you it was the best deal, or you found whatever was available in your area. Get ALL the information you need in one place to pick the right Sprinter motorhome for your lifestyle. Buy this e-book now, and start exploring your choices!2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide

2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide – US $29.95

Buy the Book!

I Don’t Have an RV to Sell You – This Is Impartial Information

A new Sprinter RV costs $90,000 to $140,000. When you’re spending that kind of money, you want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for! Do your research thoroughly – with this e-book, you can learn about the latest Sprinter RV models, what Sprinter RV owners have said about their rigs, and which models best suit your individual needs. I don’t have any axe to grind, I’m not paid by any of the manufacturers of Sprinter RVs, I just write about what I’ve found out by digging through forums and owner reviews, not just glossy brochures. As far as I know, there isn’t a buyer’s guide like this one for any kind of RV – with all the details, both good and bad, honestly told.

The 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide – More of What’s Inside

Here’s why I’m proud of this e-book and think it’s unique:

  • It is substantial– Over 200 pages packed with photos, specifications, floorplans, owner’s reviews, NHTSA recall details/consumer issues, for every major model of North American Sprinter motorhome available.
  • It will save you time – This e-book will save you dozens of hours wading through forums and manufacturer Web sites and looking at brochures. You’ll get all the details those contain already!
  • It’s impartial – I have no axe to grind, no manufacturer to support. I’ve gathered the information available and I’ll show you what I’ve found, both good and bad.
  • It’s detailed and up-to-date – The information is detailed and completely up to date for 2013. Manufacturers and Sprinter RV floorplans come and go, don’t waste your time mistakenly looking at old or unavailable Sprinter RV models.
  • It’s easy to read – Clean large format makes it easy to read on your computer screen, readable on paper if you choose to print it or works nicely on the iPad.

Below are some more actual pages from this e-book. Click on the image to view at full size:

2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide sample page 5
2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide sample page 4

More questions? See the FAQ!

What People Say About How This Book Has Helped Them

I’m very grateful for what people have said about my book:

Michael Baker – Vancouver, Canada:  “Your e-book is everything we needed and more to educate and inform us on the various RV options, specifications, accessories, layouts available and feel very comfortable in making our decision…”

Michael Buckley – Redwood City, CA:  “This book saved me many hours collecting and sorting information on Sprinter RVs. It is well-illustrated and well-written.”

Bryan Rouse – Athens, PA:  “One place to find almost everything one needs.”

Cecil U – Boston, MA:  “What a great job you have done on the RV Buyer’s Guide! Well organized, great photos, and you’re right– the Guide will save me many hours of research…”

Bob O’Connor – South China, ME:  “Excellent resource to get a great feel and get the big picture for how the Sprinter base is converted.”

Michael Gray – Santa Barbara, CA: “A very good resource for folks who are overwhelmed by all the alternatives out there for Sprinter-based RVs. Very well organized and easy to use. Useful for eliminating choices that will not work for you.”

Bob Snider – High Springs, FL:  “This book gives you all the info you need to get going. Plus some good advice on what areas that may require additional expertise. An excellent overview.”

Bill TettemerSan Diego, CA: “I am so glad I purchased this book. You have done such a super job of putting so much info into it…I can’t tell you enough how useful this has been to me…As you can tell, the Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide has become an invaluable reference book during our decision making process…You have really helped me.”


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2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide

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