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3D Camper Van Models

When you’re starting out on your Sprinter camper van design, it’s very useful to get an idea of what your camper van interior layout will be like in real-life. You can model it using a scale model or full-scale cardboard/plywood mockup, or another option is to create a 3D camper van model. A 3D camper model can help you visualize how cluttered the design feels, where there might need to be windows or more storage, and if scaled properly, might show you potential problems with how you’re laying out the space.

Here’s some examples of 3D camper van models (from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse) to illustrate the possibilities. Just click on a model, give it a few seconds for the 3D engine to rev up, and you can rotate the model to view it from any angle, and zoom in and out. Any of these could be built on a Mercedes Sprinter van. Enjoy!

3D Camper Van Model (Full Camper for Four)

This camper model has sleeping and seating for 4, with a creative idea for a multi-part front bed lowering down from the ceiling, and a galley making use of the sliding door space.

3D Camper Van Model (Sprinter Toy Hauler With Rear Garage)

This model has a rear “garage” setup and convertible dining area/bed.

3D Camper Van Model (Compact Camper Van With Electric Roof Bed)

This model for a camper built on a short-wheelbase van includes a bathroom, rear galley setup and electric roof bed, with blackwater and propane (LPG) tanks under the van.

3D Camper Van Model (Long-Wheelbase Van With Permanent Rear Bed)

This model for a camper built on a long-wheelbase van includes a bathroom, rear galley setup and a permanent rear bed.

3D Camper Van Model (Long-Wheelbase Van With Permanent Rear Bed)

This camper van model uses a cab partition, has a galley and bathroom, full-height storage, and a rear lounge area that converts into a large bed.

3D Camper Van Model (Short-Wheelbase Van For Two)

This model, for a short-wheelbase camper van for two, might be quick to build, with minimal furniture. It has overhead cabinets, permanent high rear bed, a small dining area and midships galley.

3D Sprinter Camper Van Model (Cab Chassis With Box)

This 3D Sprinter camper van model imagines a cab chassis Sprinter van with a cube box-based living area. The cube box allows for a very house-like layout with lots of privacy, with front and rear partitions.