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Sprinter RV Conversion Resources

Here’s free info for Sprinter RV conversions in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Wondering about Mercedes Sprinter van options? See the ordering guide. Need Sprinter parts lists? They’re here. Need the latest Sprinter Bodybuilder manual? It’s here. I’m adding more as I find it, including Mercedes-Benz Sprinter information for North American Sprinter owners, Espar diesel air heater information, and information about Webasto diesel-powered air heaters &  cooktops.

How can these resources help you with your Sprinter RV conversion?

  1. When you’re just starting out with your Sprinter camper design, you need to figure out how big a a Sprinter you’ll need to fit the camping equipment you want – take a look at the Sprinter Cargo Van Data Sheet to check dimensions, or check out Mercedes Sprinter technical drawings.
  2. If you know the Sprinter van you want, and you’re buying new, figure out the factory Sprinter options you want with the Sprinter Cargo Van Ordering Guide, it’s the same document your dealer uses. If you want more detail on a specific factory option, look up the code in the Sprinter Special Equipment Book.
  3. If you bought a used Sprinter that needs some love, and you need to add some parts or repair it, check out the Sprinter Overview to get an idea of the systems layout, and Sprinter parts lists if applicable.
  4. If you’ve settled on your design and equipment and will do a DIY Sprinter conversion, you’ll want to check out the BodyBuilder Information Book to learn where everything is located.
  5. If your new or used Sprinter needs a rear heater for camping, the most common option is to add an aftermarket diesel-powered 12V air heater like the Espar Airtronic D2 or the Webasto AirTop 2000. How? Look at the Webasto and Espar installation and operation manuals linked below.
  6. If you’re thinking of making your Sprinter camper van all-diesel, and doing without propane, you will want to consider a Webasto X100 diesel-powered cooktop. Manuals for the Webasto cooktop are linked below.

Note: If you are looking for your Sprinter owner’s manual, see Sprinter Owner’s Manuals.

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Thanks to Keith Pierce for several of these write-ups!